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Need Expert Help for Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

We are one of the fastest growing Independent Medicare Insurance Agencies in the nation. Our medicare insurance specialists help hundreds of new clients each month make the best choice on their Medicare Supplemental Insurance.Because we are independent we can always work to find the absolute best policy for your specific needs, with no direct ties to any insurance company. Some details you may like:

Our agents routinely place in the top 10% in the nation in issuing new policies – they know their stuff. We represents dozens of insurance companies so we can always find the right Medicare Supplement Plan for you. Our custom quoting process allows us to compare premiums for all the top companies in your area. Each agent is trained in individual underwriting to minimize the chance that your application is declined.

You get an annual review before each renewal to make sure your current plan is still the best for you. We can also help with your Medicare Part D prescription plan and have you set up in minutes. At the bottom of the page are three valuable resources for you as you make decisions about your coverage. But the most important decision you can make is to call us or fill out the quote request form at the top of this page. Within a few minutes, you will get quotes for the best plans in your area and be sure you are not paying too much for your coverage.

We same the same questions all the time. One of the most common questions is regarding insurance companies. Below, you will find an example of the most common question.

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1. “Does Blue Cross Blue Shield offer the same benefits as AARP?”

The answer is yes! Medicare supplemental insurance plans are regulated by the government to offer the same benefits for each plan letter code. If you get a quote for a Plan F then can can rest assured that a Plan F with one company offers the same benefits as any other company.

2. “Does Medicare Part D work the same way?”

NO! It is wise to do due diligence on your Medicare part D drug coverage. Some companies due not cover certain medications while others will. You do not want to be stuck with a part d drug card that does not cover your medications.

3. What should I do in regards to dental insurance?

Typically, Medicare does not cover dental expenses. There are some dental plans that are OK for seniors. However, in our experience we have found that it is cheaper to pay your dental expenses out of your own pocket versus paying expensive premiums on dental plans that offer limited benefits.

What is a Medicare Supplement Plan?

Also referred to as Medigap, Medicare supplement policies refer to health insurance sold by private insurance companies. These supplemental insurance plans are used to fill in any gaps in Medicare coverage. Each Medicare supplement insurance policy will help pay for certain health care costs not covered by the Original Medicare plan.Medigap plans differ from Medicare Advantage even though both are used to cover treatments that are not covered in Medicare Part A and Part B.

A number of changes to Medigap insurance policies will occur that will affect your Medicare supplement insurance options. These include the introduction of Medicare Supplement Plan N, the elimination of certain Medigap plans, and changes to the remaining supplement plans. Given these changes, it is important to speak with our team of Medicare supplement plan specialists to ensure you know what to expect and that you get the right policies at the most affordable prices.

Do you live in Florida?

Medicare Benefits Direct covers all 50 states. However, we have a lot of experience with Medicare supplemental insurance in Florida. Florida is a state with millions of seniors. Medicare advantage plans are really popular there because Medicare Supplement Plans are more expensive than most states. However, if you want a medicare supplement, we will do a full medicare supplemental insurance comparison and find you the plan with the best premium!

Call us today at 1-800-763-3130 and let our experts help you shop for the best deals in Medicare Supplemental Insurance!