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California Medicare Supplement Birthday Rule

Medicare supplement insurance plans in California have seen significant changes.  With the addition of Plan N, medicare supplement plans are now priced lower than ever before.

California Medicare Supplement Birthday Rule

The California Medicare Birthday Rule makes changing your plan very easy.  By law, you can choose a new plan with the same benefits as your current plan within 30 days of your birthday and skip all the health underwriting requirements.

For you, this means you can get a new California medicare supplement policy with the same benefits at a lower premium.  All without any restrictions or hassles of having to qualify based on your current medical condition.

Below is the statement from the California Department of Insurance explaining the birthday rule:

Q: What is the “Birthday Rule” and how does it apply to the new Medigap Plans?

A: If you already have Medigap insurance, you have 30 days of “open enrollment” following your birthday each year when you can buy a new Medigap policy without a medical screening or a new waiting period. The new policy must have the same or lesser benefits as your old policy.

California Medicare Supplement Vs Medicare Advantage Plans

In many cases when you compare a Medicare Supplement to and Medicare Advantage plan, you will now see why we believe the supplemental plans are a better choice.  You get to cover 100% of your doctor and hospital medical expenses without any of the restrictions of an Advantage plan network.

The special birthday rule applies to all Medicare Supplement plans in California and is available to all medicare california medicare supplement planseligible participants who currently have a medicare supplement policy in force.  All you need to do is contact one of our Medicare Insurance Specialists or complete the short quote request form on the right.

In a matter of minutes you will receive a complete proposal showing you which medicare supplement plan is the best fit for you.  If you have an questions about who is eligible for medicare or how to enroll, please don’t hesitate to speak with us.

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To learn more about Medicare Advantage or to find affordable rates for Medicare supplement insurance plans, we encourage you to contact Medicare Benefits Direct today. We look forward to discussing your health care needs with you.