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Kentucky Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Kentucky Medicare Supplemental Insurance

The Bluegrass state is home to a large number of insurance companies who will compete for your Kentucky Medicare supplemental insurance business. Here at Medicare Benefits Direct, we work with you to shop around through all the companies in the commonwealth and find you the best rate available for the coverage you need. Plans come in a variety of different letter designs, but all plans with the same letter design from any carrier cover exactly the same benefits, so really what you are comparing is prices for the same exact item, with a different name brand.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance coverage comes in several forms. Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B give basic coverage for hospital and doctor, but leave behind gaps that have to be covered either by paying out of pocket or using insurance to cover the expense. Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage insurance coverages both provide insurance that covers part or all of the gaps left behind by medicare, in different ways.

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Kentucky Medicare Supplement Insurance is a type of coverage that is a secondary insurance plan that pays the leftover amounts or gaps left behind by Medicare part A and Medicare part B. Since Medicare Supplement Insurance is a secondary coverage, any doctor that accepts medicare accepts any standard medicare supplement insurance plan. They are renewable for life, and can be used in any county or state you happen to be visiting with no restrictions in care or emergency only coverage that requires you to return home to Kentucky just to get simple medical care using your insurance.

Because of the flexibility, very low liability, and relatively low cost Medicare Supplemental Insurance is a great solution for the vast majority of seniors, and is what we would generally recommend in most situations.

Kentucky Medicare Advantage

Kentucky Medicare Advantage coverage is an alternative to medicare which replaces your medicare coverage with coverage from a private company who takes the place of medicare part A and Medicare part B. Sometimes these policies have low, or even no premiums. Even though the initial costs may be very low, usually the maximum out of pocket rate you could have to spend in a year can be up to three times what the annual premium of a medicare supplement insurance can cost. They usually cannot be used out of state, and sometimes not even outside your local area, and might require return to home just in order to get a prescription filled if on vacation. They usually do cover emergency care when out of town, but that is sometimes all that will be covered. If your doctor does not accept this type of insurance, you will have to find new doctors, which can be a great hassle because the doctors can change which insurance they accept at any time.

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Because of the inflexibility and high liability of these plans, unless you qualify for a QMB or other type of federal subsidy from Social Security Administration these plans are usually higher risk for less reward, for a small amount of up front savings.

Kentucky Medicare Supplement – The Obvious Choice

Kentucky Medicare Supplement insurance, to us, is the obvious choice. It offers lower liabiliy, more flexibility, and more doctors accept the coverage. We can start you down the path to proper insurance by simply giving one of our agents a quick call, or filling out our quote form in order to shop your rates with all the available Medicare Supplement Insurance companies in Kentucky.

Here in Kentucky, we offer coverage from carriers such as:

  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Gerber
  • Family Life
  • Medico
  • Forethought

We can help you shop rates through all these highly reliable carriers so that you know you’re getting a great deal on fantastic insurance coverage.

For immediate assistance call us at 800-763-3130, or click here and fill out our short request form for an immediate quote so you can get started on your journey to retirement, or look to see if you can bring your expenses down. Our carriers save, on average, 300 dollars per year over our competitors!