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Ohio Medicare Supplement Information

Ohio Medicare Supplemental Coverage

Ohio Medicare Supplemental InsuranceOhio Medicare is insurance provided by the US Government as health coverage to all persons over age 65 who qualify, as well as disabled persons under 65. It covers most medical events, but does leave some gaps behind which are best covered by Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Medicare Benefits Direct is comitted to helping you find the best available medicare supplemental insurance in Ohio, with a Medicare plan that is perfect for your budget and needs.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance in Ohio

Ohio Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans are a special kind of insurance plan regulated by the state of Ohio and Centers for Medicare Services, that pays the specific deductibles and coinsurance amounts left behind after Medicare part A and Ohio Medicare part B have paid their portions. The maximum copay amounts for Medicare have no out of pocket cap, and Medicare Supplemental Insurance Ohio picks the gaps are, and helps you avoid financial ruin in the case of a major medical claim.

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There are many letter plans used for Medicare supplemental insurance in Ohio, the ones we usually reccomend are the F, G, and N Medigap supplement, since they offer the best benefits for the lowest cost, and make the most financial sense for the majority of Medicare eligible persons.

  • Ohio Medicare F Supplemental Insurance – Pays 100% of all copays and deductibles left after medicare parts A and B.
  • Ohio Medicare G Supplemental Insurance – Pays 100% of all copays and deductibles other than the Medicare Part B deductible ($140 in 2012).
  • Ohio Medicare N Supplemental Insurance – Pays 100% of all Medicare A copayments, and Medicare B other than B deductible and $20 or 20% copay for doctor visits (whichever is less) and $50 copay for the emergency room.

Where does Medicare Benefits Direct come in

We are independent brokers. We will assist you in choosing a plan that fits your needs, and keeps your rates as low as possible. We have tons of experience in explaining the plans, and can answer your questions, without pressuring you into buying a plan from a certain company. We can help you find the right plan, not sell you on insurance you don’t need. We provide all the information on multiple companies to our clients, so when you choose a plan you know you’ve made the right choice, rather than being confused after being pushed into a product you didn’t really understand.

For a complete description of Ohio Medicare Supplement, Ohio Medigap, and Ohio Medicare Insurance, review the information on our website or call a Medicare Insurance Specialist at 800-736-3130.