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Texas Medicare Supplemental Insurance | Texas Medicare Plans

We understand Texas. Texas has a unique spirit, and residents unlike anywhere else in the country. We take care of our families in Texas. We understand your desire to make sure you are financially prepared for any medical situation that might pop up so that there isn’t a burden placed on family for medical bills. The best way to protect your family and finances is with a Texas Medicare Supplement.

Texas Medicare Supplement

Texas Medicare Supplement | Texas Medicare Supplemental Insurance
Medicare supplement insurance in Texas is slightly different in different parts of the state. It’s a good idea to talk to an independent agent who knows the difference between Dallas and Austin, as the best carrier in one area might be different from another. Changes in rates happen all the time, and unless your agent keeps track, you can easily be paying too much for your insurance.

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Different types of Texas Medicare Supplement Insurance

There are several different plan types to choose from, however we usually keep it simple and recommend the F, G, and N plans, because in Texas, these plans tend to make the most sense for your financial protection.

  • F Supplement covers 100% of the bills Medicare leaves you with
  • G Supplement pays everything the F does, except a $140 dollar deductible for the doctor and other Medicare part B charges
  • N Supplement pays 100% of the hospital, but has a $140 dollar deductible per year for the doctor, and up to 20$ copay after the deductible, and a $50 copay for the emergency room.

Those three plans usually make the most sense to our clients, and they’re what we start with in every case. Usually the N is the least expensive and has the lowest rate increases, if you don’t mind putting aside a small amount of cash to pay for the deductible and copayments when you need it. If that’s the case, you’d save money with an N most times, and you’d have more stable rates for life, as the rate increases would always be lower.

Texas Medicare Plans

Our agents can also help you with other types of Texas Medicare plans, We can help with Texas Part D and Texas Medicare Advantage plans. In most cases if you compare them, the Medicare Supplement usually will make more sense. If want to go with a Medicare Advantage plan instead, we will help you no matter what you decide to do. If you want to see what your Texas Part D will cost exactly, we will help you with Medicare Part D Drug Lookup and get you a printout showing your costs for the whole year.

Call 1-800-763-3130 For A Free Quote! Its free and easy!

  • Save up to 65% with Online Medicare Supplemental Quotes!

What makes Texas Medicare Supplements better?

Texas Medicare Supplemental insurance plans pay the left over parts after Medicare part A and Medicare part B. Almost every doctor takes this type of insurance, and if they take it they cannot turn you down service. With a Medicare Advantage plan, the plan is owned by a private company, but the doctors don’t have to accept it if they aren’t in the network and they can leave at any time. Most of us want to keep the same doctor, and having to change it because the Doctor and the company aren’t getting along isn’t something we think our seniors want to do.

Best Medicare Coverage in Texas

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