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Medicare Supplemental Insurance Companies

Here at Medicare Benefits Direct, we are committed to helping you find the best Medicare supplemental insurance or Medigap policy that fits your needs at the lowest price available.  We can offer you every different type of plan available, and with every type of plan, we can offer you or compare multiple different companies.


Medicare Supplemental Insurance Companies – Different rates with different carriers in different areas

We can represent multiple companies because we are independent Medicare Brokers and that allows us to actually shop for you.  We can compare your age and location in our quoting system and actually see which company or carrier is the cheapest in the area you live in. We can then enroll you into that plan because we represent all the major Medicare supplement carriers.

When trying to decide between carriers of a Medicare supplement, Medigap policy, or Medicare supplemental insurance, one thing we always try to communicate to our customers here at Medicare Benefits Direct is that by law: Any letter plan with one company is the exact same plan with another company.  The only real difference is the name on label, and of course, the price.

Independent Medicare Supplemental Insurance Brokers can save you money!

So by coming to us for a quote and letting us meet your Medicare supplement needs, we can do the shopping for you.  The fact that we are what is called an “independent broker” means that we represent you as an individual, rather than represent a particular company.

Below are a list and links to all of our Medicare Supplement Carriers:

By submitting your information into our Medicare Supplement quoting system, we will have a licensed professional contact you within minutes, and take the confusion out of Medicare and Medicare Supplements.