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American Continental Medicare Supplement Insurance

American Continental Medicare supplement insurance started out of Brentwood,Tennessee in 2005, however the company that started it had a strong foundation of health and life insurance prior to beginning American Continental Insurance Company.

American Continental Insurance Company is owned by Aetna, who is one of the largest national health insurance companies.

One of the more exciting developments is the reduction of rates in many states. American Continental medicare supplemental insurance has some amazing new rates in the state of Georgia. If you are in Georgia it would be worth giving us a call or filling out the form below to see how we can help you save money on your medigap plan.

I also want to clear up some confusion about recent questions seniors have been asking us. Aetna is not associated with Liberty Bankers Life.  When you see an application it will say “American Continental Insurance Company….An Aetna Company.

When trying to decide between carriers of a Medicare supplement, Medigap policy, or Medicare supplemental insurance, one thing we always try to communicate to our customers here at is that, by law, one plan with one company is the exact same plan with another company, regarding your outline of benefits.  What the price of premium really boils down to is the price of the particular plan you want with that particular company, and customer service of that company.

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The good news about American continental is that they have both.  They have very reasonable and competitive rates, along with pleasant, solid customer service which makes them a very good company to go with.

You’ll be glad to know that we provide American Continental Medicare supplement quotes through our quoting system.  Ask your MedicareBenefitsDirect supplement adviser what an American Continental Insurance Medicare supplement quote looks like for you and how it compares to other Medicare supplement carriers available in your area.  It just might be the best fit for you and your Medicare supplement needs!

If you are turning 65 there can be a lot of confusion about your Medicare benefits. Give us a call or fill out the form below. We will educate you on your Medicare Benefits. You can expect us to cover such things as medicare part b, medicare part d and the difference between Medicare Advantage and Original Medicare which is often referred to as Medicare part C.

We can also provide you will company ratings if you are curious about other medigap plans, and not just American Continental Insurance. We represent you and can research ALL medicare supplement insurance companies. Before we go, we want to mention rate increases. All Medicare supplements have an annual rate increase. However, American Continental insurance has been a leader in keeping their rate increases to a minimum. This is something important to research and we will be happy to discuss how they have kept their rates so low and competitive. We hope to hear from you soon!