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United World Medicare Supplement Insurance

United World is a division of the Mutual of Omaha family of companies and has been serving the Medicare supplement market since 1983.  The United World Medicare Supplement is one of the most established and stable Medigap policies on the market, while maintaining a financially stable foundation.

Because United World is a part of the Mutual of Omaha, depending on the state that you live in determines whether United World is available to you, or Mutual of Omaha.  Rarely are both United World and Mutual of Omaha offered in the same state.

When trying to decide between carriers of a Medicare supplement, Medigap policy, or Medicare supplemental insurance, one thing we always try to communicate to our customers here at MedicareBenefitsDirect is that by law, one plan with one company is the exact same plan with another company, regarding your outline of benefits.  What the price of premium really boils down to is the price of the particular plan you want with that particular company, and customer service of that company.

United World Medigap policies are so popular mainly because they have such proven financial strength and have been around long enough to develop their positive brand image by providing competitive rates, along with good customer service.

By providing United World Medicare supplement insurance through our quoting system, you will be able to talk to your MedicareBenefitsDirect supplement advisor about what a United World Medicare supplement quote looks like for you and how it compares to other companies offered in the area that you live in.   It just might be the best fit for you and your Medicare supplement needs!